Astrology software Prophet Mobile Java Edition

Astrology software Prophet Mobile Java Edition

This mobile phone based astrology software can be installed in any mobile phone having the java platform CLDC-1.1 and MIDP-2.0 or higher. Now a days all most all mobile phone have this java platform. The software is in Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and English language.

What is in ProphetMobile Java?


Installation and delivery

Download the compressed ZIP file (Latest update on 16-02-2012) or (Latest update on 18-Sep-2011) into your computer. Extract the JAD and JAR files from the compressd folder and copy both the files to your mobile and open these files with the file manger of your mobile phone. It will install the software in your mobile phone itself. The mobile astrology software will be installed in the Application or Games folder of your mobile. This free downloaded version can be use to generate the calculation part of horoscope of the dates between 01/01/2012 to 31/12/2012. To lift the date limitation you have to pay the registration / activation price of the product. Or, you may download mobile astrology software for each language separately from the following links.