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Word translation/transliteration software

ScribeMagic is language independent word by word translation/transliteration software for all the languages that follows Unicode coding system. The translation is based on editable lookup dictionaries. At present this software has translation/transliteration dictionaries for English-Malayalam, English-Hindi and Malayalam-Hindi. With the help of these dictionaries you can translate between English, Malayalam and Hindi. The translation/transliteration is not limited between English, Malayalam and Hindi. You can create your own lookup dictionaries with the help of the lookup dictionary editor according to your need. You can add the translation dictionary of your own language and translate the words in any database to your native language and from your native language to any other languages.

For translation and transliteration, first it will search the dictionary for the matching word and replace it with the destination language word. In the absence of matching word it will break the source word into character clusters and searches the dictionary with that and replace that with the matching character clusters of destination language one by one. If it can't locate matching character cluster it will break the cluster again into smaller pieces and search for matching characters. At last, in the absence of character clusters it will transliterate character by character. In case of translation/transliteration error you can edit the lookup easily, because all these operations, source, destination language pans and lookup editor are synchronized in a single window.

This software can translate several million records of databases such as voters list, the Telephone directory, Name lists etc. currently in English language to Indian languages in few hours. This will accelerate the adoption of universally accepted Unicode coding standard in Indian language computing because; these translations are in Unicode format. The User interface of this software is very simple, because all objects such as lookup dictionary editor and source and destination language for translation is implemented in a single.

Whenever you open Scribe Magic it will launch in the system tray of your computer and load the most recently used language pair in to its lookup dictionary. Right click on the system tray icon of ScribeMagic to get the translation menu as follows. The language pair in the menu caption is English-Hindi. This menu caption will change dynamically depends on the languages in the ScribeMagic's lookup dictionary.

Price: Free download

System requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista
  • Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package

About the Magic

Just three mouse operations you can perform the translation magic. The screen shouts of the magic before and after in an MS Excel work sheet is shown below

Screen shouts of the magic in MS Excel
Before the magic After the Magic

Screen shouts of ScribeMagic


ScribeMagic in news

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