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A Smarter Move To Digitize Your Village

Astrology software Android edition  Astrology software Android edition
  • SMART VILLAGE is a unique software that enable the users to prepare, maintain, and view the directory of the resident association members by using an android devise any time, from any part of the world.
  • SMART VILLAGE enables the members of the user organizations to identify, view the details including photographs of the members and the geographically locate the member houses with the help of Google map.
  • The search facility incorporated in SMART VILLAGE help the users in identifying the various skilled professionals and service providers like Doctors, Beauticians, Dress makers, carpenters, blacksmiths, caterers etc, within the locality and to avail their services. Their geographical location, availability (for work or not) at a point of time can also be ascertained on-line.
  • Services of auto rickshaws & taxies operated in the area, including operator details, present location, and readiness to operate or not, at that time, can be availed by users on line just as in UBER / OLA, but absolutely free of Charge. Operators can upload the above details themselves any time as per their then situation.
  • Details and Timings in the public transport services passing through the area can also be uploaded for use by the public. Location, working hours, opening and closing time, services and goods offered by Commercial and Trading concerns in the area including the present status (viz. open /closed/lunch break) can be published online in SMART VILLAGE
  • Details of Educational Institutions, Tuition Centre, Banks Religious Institutions, Government Offices, Hospitals, NGOs with the details of their services, service timings, phone numbers, name of the head, Geographical location can also be uploaded /edited and maintained in SMART VILLAGE. This can be made use by the public across the world, any time on line.
  • Besides providing the easy method for sending group SMS to the members of the association SMART VILLAGE provides a CHAT BOARD for quick two way communication between the office bearers and the members at no extra cost. SMART VILLAGE is highly helpful in giving Emergency Alerts/ Warnings in the time of Natural disasters, Medical Emergencies etc. Besides being user-friendly, SMART VILLAGE ensures complete privacy of the uploaded/stored data using fourth generation tamper proof data protection devices which can prevent hacking and data thefts /tampering etc. Making, editing, modifying, uploading entries in the Directory can be done only by the person/persons authorized by the association
  • The data stored by SMART VILLAGE is under Cloud Data Servers and hence any changes made by the authorized personal, whatever it may be, will be reflected in all the connected devises across the world, within no time. SMART VILLAGE is highly versatile that not only Resident associations, other similar organizations like Trade Unions, Clubs can also make use of the application. This application is that much user-friendly that an (authorized) person with minimum computer literacy can enter, edit upload the details with much ease. As an introductory offer SMART VILLAGE is offered to the Associations FREE OF COST. To mitigate the rent for the Cloud Data Servers and other incidental expenses, nominally paid advertisements will be introduced in future.
  • If your association is interested in preparing and publishing the Online Smart Directory of its members, kindly send following details to
  • 1. Name of Association & Short Name
  • 2. Location/Area
  • 3. Name, designation of the office bearer(who will be the administer for the Online Smart Directory)
  • 4. Email address and Mob: No of the above office bearer

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